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CAS No 10043-01-3 , Aluminum sulfate Search by region : Germany

  • Name: Aluminum sulfate
  • Synonyms: ALUMINIUM SULPHATE; Aluminium sulfate,non-ferrous;Aluminum sulfate; ALUMINIUM SULFATE, DEHYDRATE;
  • CAS Registry Number:
  • Transport: UN 1760/3077
  • Density: 2.71
  • Water Solubility: soluble
  • Safety Statements: R36/37/38,R51/53,
  • Hazard Symbols: Xi:Irritant;N:Dangerousfortheenvironment;
  • EINECS: 233-135-0
  • Molecular Weight: 342.14
  • InChI: InChI=1/2Al.3H2O4S/c;;3*1-5(2,3)4/h;;3*(H2,1,2,3,4)/q2*+3;;;/p-6
  • Risk Statements: S26,S29,S37/39,S61,
  • Molecular Formula: Al2(SO4)3
  • Molecular Structure:CAS No:10043-01-3 Aluminum sulfate

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10043-01-3 Aluminum sulfate

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References of Aluminum sulfate
Title: Aluminum Sulfate
CAS Registry Number: 10043-01-3
Molecular Formula: Al2O12S3
Molecular Weight: 342.15
Percent Composition: Al 15.77%, O 56.11%, S 28.11%
Line Formula: Al2(SO4)3
Literature References: Occurs in nature as the mineral alunogenite. Prepn: Gmelins, Aluminum (8th ed.) 35B, pp 267-269 (1934).
Properties: White, lustrous crystals, pieces, granules, or powder. d 1.61. Melts when gradually heated. At 250° loses its water; decomposes at red heat. Sol in 1 part water. Practically insol in alcohol. On long boiling of the aq soln, insol basic salt ppts. The aq soln is acid.
Density: d 1.61
Derivative Type: Octadecahydrate
Properties: The commercial product is also known as cake alum or patent alum. It is about 99.5% pure. The article of commerce usually contains 5 to 10% less water than theory.
Use: Tanning leather, sizing paper, mordant in dyeing; purifying water; manuf lakes, aluminum resinate; fireproofing and waterproofing cloth; clarifying oils and fats; treating sewage; waterproofing concrete; deodorizing and decolorizing petroleum; antiperspirants; agricultural pesticides; manuf aluminum salts.
Therap-Cat: Anti-infective.
Keywords: Antiseptic/Disinfectant.