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CAS No 109-94-4 , ethyl formate

  • Name: ethyl formate
  • Synonyms: 109-94-4; Formic ether; Ethyl methanoate;ethyl formate;Areginal; Ethyl formic ester; Formic acid; ethyl ester; Aethylformiat; Ethylformiaat;
  • CAS Registry Number:
  • Transport: UN 1190
  • Melting Point: -80 ºC
  • Flash Point: -20 ºC
  • Boiling Point: 54 ºC
  • Density: 0.917
  • Refractive index: 1.3582-1.3602
  • Water Solubility: 11 G/100 ML (18 ºC)
  • Safety Statements: R11;R20/22;R36/37
  • Hazard Symbols: Xn: Harmful;F: Flammable;
  • Flash Point: -20 ºC
  • EINECS: 203-721-0
  • Molecular Weight: 74.07854
  • InChI: InChI=1S/C3H6O2/c1-2-5-3-4/h3H,2H2,1H3
  • Risk Statements: S16;S24;S26;S33;S9
  • Molecular Formula: C3H6O2
  • Molecular Structure:CAS No:109-94-4 ethyl formate
References of ethyl formate
Title: Ethyl Formate
CAS Registry Number: 109-94-4
CAS Name: Formic acid ethyl ester
Molecular Formula: C3H6O2
Molecular Weight: 74.08
Percent Composition: C 48.64%, H 8.16%, O 43.19%
Line Formula: HCOOC2H5
Literature References: Toxicity data: H. F. Smyth et al., Arch. Ind. Hyg. Occup. Med. 10, 61 (1954).
Properties: Mobile, flammable liq. d420 0.917. bp 53-54°. mp -80°. Flash pt, closed cup: -4°F (-20°C). nD20 1.3597. Sol in about 10 parts water with gradual decompn into free acid and alcohol; miscible with alcohol, ether. Keep tightly closed and preferably in contact with calcium chloride. LD50 orally in rats: 4.29 g/kg (Smyth).
Melting point: mp -80°
Boiling point: bp 53-54°
Flash point: Flash pt, closed cup: -4°F (-20°C)
Index of refraction: nD20 1.3597
Density: d420 0.917
Toxicity data: LD50 orally in rats: 4.29 g/kg (Smyth)
CAUTION: Potential symptoms of overexposure are irritation of eyes and upper respiratory system. See NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (DHHS/NIOSH 97-140, 1997) p 140.
Use: As flavor for lemonades and essences; for manuf artificial rum and arrac; also as a solvent for nitrocellulose; as fungicide and larvicide for tobacco, cereals, dried fruits, etc.; in organic synthesis.