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Ice Cream Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

  • Product NameIce Cream Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose
    CAS No.
    Min Quantity
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    Detailed Description

    Basic Info
    Model NO.: food grade
    Classification: Chemical Additives
    Appearance: Powder
    H.S. Code: 39123100
    Trademark: BQ
    Origin: Shandong
    Efficacy: Promote Healthy & Growth
    Type: Thickeners
    Color: White
    CAS .No: 9004-32-4
    Specification: 0.8g/cm3.

    Product Description

    Applicable to Food Additive Sodium carboxymethyl Cellulose

    Specfication/Tpye FH9 MF9 FVH9 FL9 FVH6
    30rpm(1%solution 25°C) mpa.s
    D.S 0.9-0.95 ≥0.95 0.80-0.90
    PH value 6.5-8.0
    Chloride(CL-%) ≤1.2
    Moisture(%) ≤10.0
    Iron(%) ≤0.03
    Arsenic(%) ≤0.0002
    Heavy Metals
    (Pb%) ≤0.0002(%)
    AVR ≥0.85
    Oel Particle ≤10
    NOTE: We can produce the products according to customers' specified needs
    CMC is used as stabilizing of acid drink due to its unusual characteristic and superior quality. It has following characteristics:
    1 Prevent protein in acid milk from condensing, setting and laminating.
    2 Due to its unusual smooth sugar paste state after it dissolves, it makes drink taste good and smooth.
    3 Its good evenness and acid resistance provides drink with excellent stability.

    Furthermore, CMC is used in ice cream to make water, sebum, protein to form a mixture which is stable and well dispersed. At the same time, it tastes good, smooth and has good formability.
    Used in bread and cakes, CMC can control paste viscosity and strengthen water taking and keeping.

    Used in instant noodles, it increases toughness and cook-resistance; used in biscuits and cakes, it becomes better in formability, crisp and fragrant; used in instant eatable paste such as peanut paste, sesame seed paste and mixed rice pudding, it works as a paste base. When making low-heat food, you can use CMC because it has no heat itself.
  • Ice Cream Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose
  • Ice Cream Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose