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cinnamic acid isopropyl ester

  • Product Namecinnamic acid isopropyl ester
    CAS No.
    Min Quantity1000Kilograms
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    Detailed Description

    Name: cinnamic acid isopropyl ester

    English Name: acid 3-phenyl-,1-methylethyl,ester 2-Propenoic;3-phenyl propenoate Isopropyl; cinnamate 1-Methylethyl

    Alias: 2-Propenoic acid, 3-phenyl-, 2-methylpropyl ester; 2-Methylpropyl 3-phenyl-2-propenoate; 2-Methylpropyl 3-phenylpropenoate; 2-Methylpropyl beta-phenylacrylate; 2-Methylpropyl cinnamate; AI3-02384; Cinnamic acid, isobutyl ester; FEMA No. 2193; Isobutyl 3-phenylpropenoate; Isobutyl beta-phenylacrylate; Isobutyl cinnamate; Labdanol; NSC 404181; UNII-4NCI0MR7KP; 2-methylpropyl 3-phenylprop-2-enoate; 2-methylpropyl (2E)-3-phenylprop-2-enoate

    CAS number: 7780-06-5



    Molecular weight:204.2649

    Molecular formula:C13H16O2

    Product Description: Flavor,Sweet ester

    Appearance: light yellow liquid

    Main components: 3- phenyl acrylic acid isopropyl ester

    Content: 98 (%)

    Properties: colorless transparent liquid, a sweet fruit flavor and aromatic oil.

    Solubility: soluble in ethanol, ether, chloroform and most non volatile oil, soluble in propylene glycol, insoluble in water.

    Density: 1.019g/cm3

    Boiling point: 296.7 at C 760 mmHg

    Flash point: 157.2 ~ C

    Vapor pressure: at 0.00141mmHg 25 C

    Refractive index: 1.553

    Heavy metals; 0.001 (%)

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  • cinnamic acid isopropyl ester
  • cinnamic acid isopropyl ester