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  • Company Name: Dynasty Colourants Co., Ltd.
  • Street: 18fl., King International , No. 345 South Huancheng West Road Ningbo China,
  • City: Ningbo
  • Province/state: Hangzhou
  • Country/region: China
  • Tel: 0086-574-27897999 +86 574 27862090
  • Fax: 0086-574-27862092
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Company Info

Dynasty Colourants Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 as a pigment printing paste manufacturer. With the benefit and high speed development of the Chinese economy, we soon became a company that could offer a comprehensive range of services that include manufacturing, research & development, repackaging, national and international trading and logistics. Quality control: With a well equipped laboratory, we can control quality for most of the colorants. What we can do for our customers: 1) Check quality of real cargo before shipment to make sure it is same as the standard samples or approved pre-shipment samples. 2) Look for suitable quality products according to customer's standard sample. 3) Compare quality with different suppliers to judge the price is competitive or not. 4) Develop new products especially for our customers. 5) Design and make shade cards for our customers. Main testing equipment for colorants: Production: Dynasty Colourants Co., Ltd. has been in the colorants market since 1994. With years of development, we already have investment in: Vat indigo blue Acid dyes Sulfur dyes (in liquid form) Direct dyes (some special direct dyes) Solvent dyes (some high value solvent dyes) High performance pigments (pigment yellow 180, pigment violet 23) Hair color (semi-permanent and permanent hair colors) Pigment printing paste (full range of pigment printing paste for textile printing) Vat dyes (some high value and special vat dyes) We still realize that it is impossible for us to produce all the products to satisfy our customers, so based on our strict quality control system, we also act as an agent to sell products from other manufacturers. Our partners include Zhejiang Longsheng (disperse dyes), Hangzhou Baihe (organic pigments), Hangzhou Jinjiang (cationic dyes) and other prestigious suppliers. Custom manufacturer: With 6 production sites owned by Dynasty Colourants Co., Ltd., we can develop the following products for customers: Vat dyes High performance pigments Liquid dyes Solvent dyes Acid dyes Intermediates Hair Dyes So if you have good items but did not find a suitable supplier, we would be pleased to specially develop items for your company on the basis of an exclusive sales agreement. Logistics: Sun Logistics Co., Ltd. is an international logistics company established according to the UNIFIC program of the Shanghai government, with a registered capital of 5 million RMB. A joint venture with Dynasty Colourants Co., Ltd., Rising Sun upholds the tenet of "Honesty, credit, development, innovation". We supply comprehensive and professional services for customers to assist them in the supply chain, building up their competitive edge in their market. Trade Partner: As a company who has been in the colorants business for more than 12 years, we understand how to cooperate with our customers like friends: To be a good friend first, then be a good business partner. We not only offer our customers stable quality, reasonable prices and professional services, but also long term friendship. "Hard working, happy working and honesty" is our company motto. We hope you can benefit from all services of our company and enjoy working with Dynasty Colourants Co., Ltd.
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Company Name: Dynasty Colourants Co., Ltd.
Business Type: Manufacturers
Company Website URL: http://www.color-search.com

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Factory Location: 18fl., King International , No. 345 South Huancheng West Road Ningbo China,,, Ningbo, Hangzhou, China