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  • CAS No:142-08-5;72762-00-6 1H-pyridin-2-one
    Molecular Structure

    Detailed Description


    White or light yellow particles. Water solubility is better. 105-107 °C. The boiling point is 280-281°C. Density 1.39. For pharmaceutical intermediates and chemical raw materials.

    Basic Information
    Chinese name: 2-Hydroxypyridine
    English name: 2-Hydroxypyridine
    Chinese alias: 2-pyridone
    English alias: 2(1H)-Pyridone; 2-pyridone; 2-Pyridinol; Pyridin-2-ol; 2-Hydroxy Pyridine; pyridin-2(1H)-one
    CAS Number: 142-08-5; 72762-00-6
    Molecular Formula: C5H5NO
    Molecular weight: 95.0993
    Traits: white or brown crystalline powder