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    Detailed Description

    Chemical name : 2-Nitroimidazole

    CAS 527-73-1

    Synonyms: azomycin;azomycine; 11a;2-nitro-1h-imidazol;2-nitro-1h-imidazole;2-nitro-imidazol;amicin


    1.Intermediates for The tumor radiotherapy sensitizers misonidazole (Misonidazole)
    2.Intermediate for organic synthesis

    Good quality: purity reach 98 %

    Good pre-sale service: All questions and doubts from customers can be answered quickly and professionally.

    Good after-sale service:If any quality or weight shortage problems are found ,customers can claim for compensation by showing concerned evidences within 15 days after products arrived.

    Our good Rearch and Development teams is the strongest support behind you!

    Custom systhesis for global customers is available,too.We offer process development from laboratory to production scale and development of innovative and cost-effective routes for the synthesis of organic compounds, particularly pharmaceutical and bio-active substances.Real volumes of our products may vary from few milligrams to 300-400 grams.

    At the request of the customer, synthesis of kilograms of compounds is possible.And quick response and fast delivery are our core competitivities.