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oxo(oxochromiooxy)chromium (Molecular Formula: Cr2O3)

Product Name: oxo(oxochromiooxy)chromium
CAS Registry Number: 1308-38-9
EINECS: 215-160-9  
Synonyms: Chromium sesquioxide;Chromia; Dichromium trioxide; Chromium(III) oxide; Chromic oxide pigment; Green chromium oxide;oxo(oxochromiooxy)chromium; Chrome Green;
Molecular Structure:
Molecular Formula: Cr2O3
Molecular Weight: 151.9904
Density:  5.21
Boiling Point:  4000℃
Melting Point:  2435 ºC
Flash Point:  3000ºC
Refractive index:  2.551
Risk Codes:  S24/25:Avoidcontactwithskinandeyes.;
Safety Statements:  Confirmed carcinogen with experimental tumorigenic data. Mutation data reported. Probably a severe eye, skin, and mucous membrane irritant. A powerful oxidizer. Reacts violently with CLF3. See also
Hazard Symbols:  Toxic by ingestion and inhalation. TLV: 0.5 mg/m3.

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