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dipotassium (Molecular Formula: C4H5K2NO4)

Product Name: dipotassium
CAS Registry Number: 14007-45-5
EINECS: 237-814-2  
Synonyms: Aspartic acid; Aspartic acid potassium salt; Aspara K; 56-84-8 (Parent);Potassium L-aspartate; potassium salt; K-Flebo;(2S)-2-aminobutanedioate;dipotassium;
Molecular Structure:
Molecular Formula: C4H5K2NO4
Molecular Weight: 209.2834
Density:  1.514g/cm3
Boiling Point:  264.1°Cat760mmHg
Melting Point:  270-271 deg C
Flash Point:  113.5°C
Safety Statements:  Moderately toxic by intravenous route. Mildly toxic by ingestion. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of NOx and K2O.

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