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copper (Molecular Formula: CuO4S)

Product Name: copper
CAS Registry Number: 7758-98-7
EINECS: 231-847-6  
Synonyms: Copper(2+) sulfate; Copper sulphate; anhydrous; Copper(ii) sulfate; 7758-98-7;CUPRIC SULFATE;copper; Copper(II) sulfate;sulfate; Trinagle; Hylinec;
Molecular Structure:
Molecular Formula: CuO4S
Molecular Weight: 159.6086
Density:  3.6
Boiling Point:  650 deg C (decomp to cupric oxide)
Melting Point:  560 ºC (DEC.)
Flash Point:  
Risk Codes:  S22;S60;S61
Safety Statements:  R22;R36/38;R50/53
Hazard Symbols:  Xn: Harmful;N: Dangerous for the environment;

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